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Welcome, Friend. Thank you for inquiring about trying a Sacred Writing Session before you commit to joining the membership. It truly must be experienced, as few words can adequately describe how profound your writing becomes as flows through the quantum field.
Your words matter as does the energy in which you draw them to you. I look forward to holding open the doorway to the Portal of Language for you to create in the consciousness of language! 


These sessions are special, unique and potent. They give you a focused time to write. You will receive immense value whether you attend once a month or 12 times.


It feels magical when you realize HOW MUCH YOU ACCOMPLISH during a one-hour session.You'll find the hour flies by and it truly does feel like we are bending time. 
Three sessions are available weekly:
Mondays at 10:00 AM PST
Wednesdays at 1:00 PM PST
Thursdays at 3:00 PM PST
Fridays at 11:00 AM PST

Message me if these times don't work with your schedule.

It activates a natural state of expression in the field of infinite possibilities.
Fear and doubt don't live here.

love notes

I've always known I wanted to write books. Everyone around me has said for decades, "That's going to be an amazing book." or "Please write a book about this." I've had so much resistance because I didn't feel like I knew "HOW" to write.  
Then I met Pamela online, and knew I wanted to sign up for Sacred Writing Sessions. The magick (the only appropriate word I have) that Pamela offers during these writing sessions is like absolutely nothing I've ever experienced before. In my first session, I wrote 10 pages easily with no resistance. It's only grown from there. As a busy entrepreneur I prioritize these sessions every week! It's essential to both writing my content, and working on getting my thoughts out to put into a book later. I recommend spiritual and creative people (and entrepreneurs) give these sessions a try! #CantStopWontStop
Angela Kaye
The Intuitive Creatrix

Receive word whispers, channeled messages and intuitive insights.

As a coach, channeler, healer, teacher, or writer having messages flow is a highly desirable practice. Look no further. You may be astonished at how much you open up and see what is expressed through you. Clients write content for books, business, songs, plays, videos, blogs, and social media. Here are ways you can utilize these sessions beyond books and blogs.: 
  • Marketing plans and email sequences.
  • Extreme focus on creating profound messages.
  • Efficiency with getting tasks completed.
  • Ideal for students to focus during studies.
  • Social Media content. 
  • Heal your story through writing
  • Business plans and strategy outlines for marketing and product launches.
  • Help your clients heal their story through your content, courses, and programs..
  • Those around you, including children, may start writing spontaneously.


These one-hour writing sessions are held via Zoom three times a week. As a member, you can access the Portal of Language at any time and continue writing long after the actual session ends.
I open the space at the top of the hour with a mantra and set an intention for you to access your stream of consciousness to amplify your writing experience. You can come in and leave at any time during the hour as you are on mute. When you arrive, and during the entire session, my eyes are closed as I activate energy while holding space for you. I softly announce our time is up and close our session. It is genuinely mystical and profound, unlike anything you've ever experienced while writing. It is worth trying for $97 a month.

More Remarkable Client Experiences

Edyta Cote

Reiki Master
Thank you, Pamela Lynch, for holding this incredible space and opening this portal of consciousness of language. I connected with my Father for the first time in such a profound and loving way. Your Sacred Writing Sessions are being weaved in my heart, and I can't wait to see what other heart chronicles can unfold.

Melissa Dawn

Certified Universal Laws Coach
I don't have a lot of words to describe these writing sessions, but just come and experience it for yourself. If you are called or feel pulled to do some writing, Pamela holds the most beautiful space for the writer that lives in all of us. My intention was to create content for my business and WOW...I got almost an entire business plan created.

Marie Martin

Author, Metatron’s Code
Pamela will assist you in this journey and hold space to just be together writing in silence but the volume in those moments can totally be felt in the expansion! Well done Pamela Lynch — you have created a beautiful space for massive creativity!

Joy Kingsborough

I experienced the most blissful experience with Pamela. She held magical space and provided divine connection so that we could write more freely, tapping into the wisdom of the quantum field. I wrote 1400 words in 40 minutes and it felt like 10. The writing felt effortless and I never stopped once to edit. If you have a sacred story to write, I highly recommend you connect with Pamela to help facilitate the writing process.
Meet the instructor

Pamela Lynch

Pamela Lynch is a Spiritual Librarian, and the Creatrix of SourceCode Publishing and Sacred Writing Sessions. Her role is to document the shift in consciousness from lack to love. Pamela is coded to hold open the doorway to the Portal of Language, where messages are amplified through each individual's stream of consciousness. 
Sh spent 31 years in book publishing before starting her own publishing company in 2018 and published four books in her first year.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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