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My deepest passion lies in amplifying people’s words. I am committed to helping writers not only capture their thoughts but also bring them into people’s hands where they can truly make a difference. The environment I create is one of focused energy, where the barriers to profound, authentic expression are minimized, making each writing session and publishing project a transformative experience.
As a facilitator of the creative process, I access and enhance the frequency of language—each aspect of language carries a unique energy through what I call a 'portal'. This portal amplifies the creative and expressive potential in writing, making it accessible to anyone who engages with language, particularly writers and authors.


I inspire writers to be who they are, do what they love, which is to express themselves and earn more money doing it.

Bodacious Dream

My mission is to help raise the vibration of humanity to love, where we truly know harmony, freedom and unity. 

We do what we love

I dream of a world where collectively we have expanded through unity consciousness and each person is doing what they love.


I imagine a world where people embrace their true value with whole-heartedness and embody their code to love and wealth.

Read. | Learn. | Write. | Publish.

My role as a Spiritual Librarian is to document the shift in consciousness into sacred texts written by spiritual entrepreneurs. You may be a spiritual leader, coach, psychic medium, healer, or teacher. I support you to connect to your creative flow to influence the well-being of humanity.

Pamela's Bio for Media

Pamela Lynch is the Founder of SourceCode Publishing and Sacred Writing Sessions. Her role as a Spiritual Librarian is to document the shift in consciousness with a mission to create a loving and abundant future.

Pamela inspires spiritual entrepreneurs to bring new information from the quantum field into physical form. She holds open the doorway to the Portal of Language in Sacred Writing Sessions. People receive profound results as access to this Portal helps them unlock access to their stream of consciousness to express their wisdom through writing.

After a 31 year career in book publishing, Pamela spent a decade immersed in intuitive coaching, the healing arts and ancient wisdom. She launched her own publishing company in 2018 and published four transformational books in her first year.
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