Snapshots of my Broken Heart

It’s like my soul was whispering to me . . .  

“You’ve already lost him.
 Don’t lose yourself, too.”

In late September 2020, with a devoted husband, two beautiful children, an exciting new business venture and the world beginning to emerge from a global lockdown, Tara Wild felt like she was finally on the path to living her most desired life.

When a sudden Covid-19 outbreak occurred on the film set that her husband, Darcy, was managing, the family was forced into quarantine, separated from him in their family home. After a long week of segregation, stress and cabin-fever, Tara convinced a reluctant Darcy to leave the house for a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air. What transpired was a perfect storm of miscommunication, malfunctions, and missteps resulting in Darcy’s disappearance, an exhaustive search mission, unthinkable loss and, ultimately, a spiritual awakening that would change the trajectory of Tara’s life and that of her children, forever.

Candid, thoughtful, authentic, and often humorous, this collection of stories will change your perception of loss. Prepare to reframe the burden of grief, alter your relationship with acceptance and forgiveness, and feel your spirits lift as the author and her kids traverse the trenches of tragedy in an effort to find peace and illuminate a future full of possibility.


“Tara Wild's book draws you in to her most intimate story of love and loss.  She is an articulate writer, both profound and often humorous. It will bring up your own grief and as you glimpse into Tara's wide open heart you will discover ways into your own healing." 


Tara Wild, AUTHOR

Tara Wild is an author, speaker, coach, and the creator of The Luminous Heart Healing Collective. Her candid writing and storytelling leads people on a path to harmony and connection as she guides them towards understanding the gifts that come with our universal experience of loss.

After years of traveling around the globe as a speaker and facilitator of training and professional development for several large corporations, Tara turned her skills and leadership abilities toward a new purposeful, more personal, path of service in 2018.

Always writing and teaching, she began educating people in the field of natural health solutions which led her to the discovery of the modality of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping. When her husband died tragically in 2020, EFT played a pivotal role in her healing journey.

Tara supports her community and clients through their experience of loss by sharing her own stories via her blog and in her online community, “The Luminous Heart Healing Collective.” In her courses, she uses EFT Tapping along with a variety of creative visualization and writing exercises to help individuals develop a more loving lens through which to view uncertainty and adversity.

Tara speaks publicly about the gifts that come from the universal experience of loss, and loves to riff on her favorite topics—Self-Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Choice, and Possibility.

You can find Tara dwelling peacefully on an island in the Pacific, listening to music, reading, hiking, beachcombing, cold-plunging, dreaming, and manifesting the next best thing with her two kids, Miller and Summer, and their dog, Cash.

“A glimpse of the light and love I could glean from each of the stops along my trek from feeling completely lost to finally found.”


Author, Speaker, Coach
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