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Your Sacred Code

The influences based on your birthdate give you insights into the obstacles in the way of your gifts, values and purpose. You'll see how the things in the way ARE THE WAY to create a life of ease and happiness.

During our conversation, you will discover how the relationships you've chosen are really in alignment with your higher purpose and not random circumstances. 
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What's included?

  • Private Zoom Call
  • SourceCode Blueprint Report
  • One Hour Session
  • Recorded Conversation

Report includes:

This report focuses on your personality and features your Divine purpose, gifts, talents, values, and obstacles derived from the one thing that never changes: YOUR BIRTHDATE.

Your unique numbers

Understand yourself even better when you discover the energetics based your ruling number, your birth day and your season. These patterns reveal the unique influences at play in your life.
Meet Pamela Lynch


After a 31 year career in book publishing, I spent a decade immersed in intuitive coaching, the healing arts and ancient wisdom. I launched my own publishing company in 2018 and published four transformational books in my first year. My mission is to inspire and guide humanity to document the shift in consciousness and create a loving and fulfilling future.

Sacred Writing Sessions were cultivated during a writing program where I included co-writing sessions. Instead of writing, I dropped into meditation. The results are profound. I've since learned that I hold open the doorway to the Portal of Language, a powerful access point where messages are amplified through each individual's stream of consciousness. Clients use these sessions to write their books and online content.
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