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write on point: breakthrough coaching

If you worry that your writing isn't good, unique or worthy enough to share, you're not alone. Many of us had teachers and parents who dampened our creativity. 

Knock down the barriers from limiting programs that cause false beliefs, blocks and long breaks from writing, and learn to write with confidence, ease and flow.

Cultivate connection, confidence and creativity 
AND gain clarity with the BAR Method:


Breakthroughs: Discover what's in your way of writing

Identify and remove the beliefs, blocks and barriers that get in your way of being a confident writer.

going it alone can be challenging

Be held accountable to write consistently and become devoted to taking radical responsibility for your writing practice.

Rituals: get the results you want with writing

Create rituals that serve you and help you to write compelling stories to reach your ideal audience with ease. 
Many people have similar obstacles when it comes to writing, and you will benefit from a group coaching environment.
Space is limited to ten people in each session.

breakthrough coaching sessions

There is power in community and you'll draw from shared experiences and connections within the group coaching sessions. You'll be inspired to share, reveal and work through obstacles to achieve success in writing.

accountability & writing rituals

Learn why accountability and rituals are key for writing. Receive accountability to stay on track and reach your goals. You’ll be shown a new ritual each month to become devoted to your writing process.

sacred writing sessions

Unlock and access a clear channel of information while writing in the Portal of Language. You’ll gain clarity and confidence in your communications. 60-minute sessions are available four times a week.

Sacred Writing COMMUNITY

Join a private online group where you can share your wonderings, writing and wins. Receive monthly themes and writing prompts to hone your writing skills. Collaborate and celebrate with like-minded writers.

write on point coaching schedule

choose the time slot best for you and your schedule:
10:00 aM PST | 12:00 PM CST | 1:00 PM EST
4:00 pM PST | 6:00 PM CST | 7:00 PM EST

What's included?

  • Three Month Writing Intensive includes two workshops with laser coaching sessions each month.
    • Community for weekly inspiration, writing prompts and accountability.
    • Get feedback on your writing and questions about content, topics, purpose and passion.
    • Sharing your breakthroughs will lead to extraordinary growth as you excel as a writer.
    • Recordings of the coaching sessions.
  • BONUS: Four Sacred Writing Sessions available each week. 

workshop writing sessions

The workshop portion of each session helps you to:
  • Gain clarity around your why and purpose with writing
  • Tap into your passion projects
  • Understand flow through the Portal of Language.
  • Deep dive in the BAR Method: breakthroughs, accountability and rituals
  • Enchant and attract your audience through compelling content.

write on point coaching

The coaching portions of each session includes: 
  • Discover what gets in your way of creativity
  • Breakthrough your beliefs, doubts and fears around writing that limit your writing experience.
    • Many people have similar obstacles when it comes to writing, and you will benefit from the collective coaching with peers who are also serious about becoming better writers to attract their ideal clients and grow their business. 

    BONUS #1:
    Access to weekly sacred writing sessions 

    Join any sessions as desired.
    4:00 PM PST | 6:00 PM CST | 7:00 EST
    Tuesdays *
    9:00 AM PST | 11:00 AM CST | 12:00 PM EST
    11:00 AM PST | 1:00 PM CST | 2:00 PM EST
    9:00 AM PST | 11:00 AM CST | 12:00 PM EST

    These sessions are special, unique and potent. They give you a focused time to write. You will receive immense value whether you tap into the Portal of Language once a month or twelve times to write while I hold space for you. 

    Remarkable Client Experiences

    I have spent most of my life knowing that I am supposed to be writing, but unable to believe it. Pamela Lynch is an amazing coach. She is an inspiration and an amazing guide. She will help you get your soul's expression, out of your heart, into written words and into a book. I have finished my first two month's program with her and I finally feel like an Author. Her knowledge and understanding from the publishing world creates the support you need. Her energy and love creates magic. Pamela, thank you, thank you, thank you. xo
    If you have always loved writing and just haven't known where to start, or are new to writing, this is a beautiful place for you! Pamela holds the most beautiful space for writing! 
    Breakthrough Coaching will give you clarity about why your writing matters. Pamela's sessions made all the difference in how I felt about my writing, the creativity flowed so easily and I am so grateful that the Sacred Writing is still a big part of my weekly routine...and will always be!


    I found myself revisiting your website and read through your invitation to writers, remembering myself as that writer of a few months ago... seeking help and solutions. And I was struck with the beautiful welcoming of your message, offering support, wisdom and guidance.
    I was so so pleased with myself for saying yes when I did. THANK YOU for saying yes to your purpose and taking the steps that brought you to this place of wonderful service to writers. What a blessing you are in my life.

    Sherry Rothwell

    Weightless, Get Thin From Within
    Pamela Lynch‘s writing group REALLY gets you writing! It has been amazing to have the time set aside each week to connect with her and receive her wisdom in the coaching sessions! I have moved through a few of my writing hang-ups and also got unstuck on a few chapters that had been holding me back for months!

    Not to mention, the Sacred Writing Sessions where Pamela energetically holds the space for our success! Having blocks of time set aside to write in the community is excellent for getting in the flow with your writing on a consistent basis. Thanks to Pamela, I have moved through a few of my writing hang-ups and also got unstuck on a few chapters that had been holding me back for months! Thanks Pamela! 

    join for a rich writing experience!

    Write On Point Group Coaching


    Pamela Lynch

    You gain the benefit of my expertise as a Publisher and sacred writing expert. My role as a Spiritual Librarian is to help document the shift in consciousness with a mission to create a loving and abundant future. 
    I inspire writers, healers, coaches and channelers to bring new information from the quantum field into physical form. 
    After a 31 year career in book publishing, I spent a decade immersed in intuitive coaching, the healing arts and ancient wisdom. I launched my publishing company, SourceCode Publishing, in 2018 and publish transformational books.

    Sacred Writing Sessions were cultivated during a writing program where I included co-writing sessions. Instead of writing, I dropped into meditation. The results were so profound, they've become a powerful force through the Portal of Language. This has become an acknowledgment of my gift to help others unlock access and amplify messages through each individual's stream of consciousness and express their wisdom through writing. 

    I guide people to the whispers of their Soul through writing and to share the messages that humanity aches to hear. 
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