The Power of Sacred Writing


An intimate moment with Skylie Cash captures her excitement for the flow she experienced during a writing session. 

Her dedication to showing up each week initiated the timeline we are now on with her forthcoming book, Timelines of My Future.   
As written in the Afterword in Skylie's book, Timelines of My Future:

"The hardest part about writing my book was to convert the channelled information and my intuition, energy and excitement into the English language.

Now I understand that she held space for me by showing me the frequency of what my higher consciousness and perspective translate to with the use of words and language. 
"The connection through the language portal then aligned me with a timeline where I could share my experiences and theories using words and language. Without this, I could never have grounded and embodied this story." ~ Skylie Cash

Writing in the portal of language

We didn't know it then, but we were accessing the energy through the Portal of Language, a gift I've harnessed throughout the ages. It just is, and I've been blessed to realize this gift for writers, creators and spiritual entrepreneurs.  

What concepts and ideas do you wish you could find human language for? Words that help you clarify your message, write your book or attract your Soul Clients? Join us to tap into your flow with writing. 

👉 Click here to read about this method to write fluidly, easily and confidently with me holding space for you.

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