Pain is inevitable. Suffering Is Optional


Grab some java or tea. FB keeps asking what's on my mine. Here it is.
We may be reluctant to admit that the societal breakdowns and conflicts we witness reflect the collective human condition born in deep-seated fear, judgment, hate and distrust. 
Dr John D Martini gave me an essential understanding of values. When we are in disharmony with someone, it is due to a values conflict.
The good news is we can break through our inner barriers and notice the fear, overwhelm, confusion, self-doubt and conflict within ourselves. The healing starts within us when we embrace all our stuff--the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.✨

We may forget we are divine beings, as are all humans, and they reflect that which also has the potential to exist within us. If we judge another, what in ourselves are we judging? A more pleasing perspective is that the beauty you see as you gaze out over the horizon reflects your inner peace. ✨

let us value the depth of our human experience

We seek love and peace at all costs, yet because we live in a world of duality (the very thing that provides us free will) we must also experience the flip side—human pain.We must be present for both.✨

When we value life's pain and joy equally, we get a permission slip to experience both. Life's experiences are 50% happy and 50% unhappy. We must stop pretending it's otherwise and value the depth of our human experience.✨

Each of us walks through this life in our way.

The struggle is real. The sorrow is deep. I feel it profoundly. I, too, can wake up in tears. Afraid. Or breakdown while journaling to release another layer of grief and forgiveness. Every time I allow myself to feel the pain, it releases the density of emotions blocking the light within me and on the planet. ✨

Yes, we are that powerful. Our emotions and thoughts influence matter. All of life matters, including you. ✨

Together we can shift the consciousness to love. If it seems impossible, please borrow my belief that things are being cleared for a gentler, balanced life.


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