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Join a unique writing community where you access the frequency of language and your messages flow with ease, grace and clarity

Do you feel challenged by articulating ideas or describing the uniqueness of what you do as a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

In the realm of creativity and expression, there exists a unique energy associated with language—what I refer to as the 'frequency of language.' This is not an exclusive domain; indeed, all writers touch upon this frequency in their creative endeavours. What I offer is an exceptional environment, a focused container where this frequency is not only accessible but also amplified.

The truth is that writing is a skill that you can excel at and use to share your message and attract your ideal clients.
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Hello, I'm Pamela, and my role on the planet is to help you, as a business owner or spiritual entrepreneur, bring your messages, creative content, or books from the quantum field into physical form.
Choose your path to freedom and fulfillment, a journey to come home to you and your wisdom through:
  sacred writing  intuitive coaching   writing and publishing your book  
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While I hold and amplify this frequency, the real magic comes from you, the writer. You will be astonished by your results.

The portal of language UNLOCKs ACCESS to YOUR FLOW OF IDEAS
Are you tired of not knowing what to write or going blank when you sit down to write even though you just had the best mentally magnificent conversation?

As a facilitator of the creative process, I access and enhance the frequency of language—each aspect of language carries a unique energy through what I call a 'portal'. This portal amplifies the creative and expressive potential in writing, making it accessible to anyone who engages with language, particularly writers and authors.

When you write, you tap into this frequency in your own way and my gift is to create a dedicated space where this frequency is more palpable and easily accessed. In our sessions together, while I hold and amplify this frequency, the real magic comes from you, the writer. You are the one who draws from this amplified energy, turning it into words and stories that resonate and inspire. My role is to enhance and intensify this connection, allowing you to dive deeper into your creative essence and express yourself more fully. 

Three advantages when you join the
Sacred Writing membership:


Writing in the Portal of Language is the fastest and easiest way I know for you to tap into your essence and unlock access to your creative flow.


Fully open your access to your wisdom intended uniquely for you to help you grow and prosper. This space is for writing, painting, healing, meditating.


If you lack the time, discipline, skill or feel unworthy about your writing, show up and write. You'll see how worthy you are and how much you get written. 

How to work with pamela

for the visionaries and transformational leaders here to shift the consciousness

You've done the work and are ready to share who you are, along with your gifts and power to transform others. Writing a chapter as an Author in the Beyond The Shift anthology showcases you as an expert in your field and highlights your knowledge. The intention is to help others heal and for us as a collective to advance humanity.

your book is already written in the quantum field. our job is to bring it into physical form.

Your book is created differently at SourceCODE Publishing. Spots are now available to begin the process, whether you're just starting to write or ready to hand over your manuscript. I've got you from Concept to Celebration. I hold the how so you can focus on writing about the who, what, where, when, and why. 

Angela Kaye, The Intuitive Creatrix
"I've tried to come up with a word other than magick to explain what Pamela does, but I haven't found it yet. She is absolutely remarkable! Her ability to hold space and facilitate while people step into their true creative potentiality is like nothing I've ever experienced."

working together is a great investment for you if:

You’re a Spiritual Entrepreneur or small business owner who aches to write your book but you don't know how to bring it into physical reality. I've got you!
You lack the time or discipline to show up consistently to write each week. If you want to be held accountable, Sacred Writing Sessions are for you.
You want to craft compelling messages to attract your ideal clients, but feel you lack the skill or certainty that your writing is worthy. Jump in with Intuitive Coaching.

My clients have many lovely things to say about their experience!

"Thank you, Pamela Lynch, for holding this incredible space and opening this portal of consciousness of language. I connected with my Father for the first time in such a profound and loving way. Your Sacred Writing Sessions are being weaved in my heart, and I can't wait to see what other heart chronicles can unfold."
"I had my whole business program for reiki land in a session with Pamela!"
JEN KOHLER, Self Mastery Coach, Energy Healer and Teacher
"I intended to create content for my business and WOW...I got almost an entire business plan created. Now to share some of the content that was channeled through in these sessions with the world!!! The flow of the process was beautiful and perfect for creative flow."
Meet Pamela Lynch


After a 31 year career in book publishing, I spent a decade immersed in intuitive coaching, the healing arts and ancient wisdom. I started my own publishing company in 2018 and have published eight transformational books and helped to launch nineteen new authors. 

I am devoted to help Spiritual Entrepreneurs to become gifted writers and published authors so that they can connect with their ideal clients and create a fulfilling life and thriving business. My mission is to inspire and guide humanity to document the shift in consciousness and create a loving and fulfilling future.
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Sacred Writing Sessions are designed to harmonize the energies of language, making it easier for you to find your true voice and articulate your thoughts with clarity and depth.

My deepest passion lies in amplifying people's words. I am committed to helping writers capture their thoughts and share them with people where they can truly make a difference. The environment I create is one of focused energy, where the barriers to profound, authentic expression are minimized, making each writing session a transformative experience. Clients use these sessions to write their books, business plans, blog posts, email sequences, and online content. One client has even used these sessions to paint and another to meditate and heal.

I invite you to join me in this space to experience firsthand how this dedicated and amplified access to the frequency of creation can enrich your writing. Together, we can unlock the full potential of your storytelling abilities, bringing your words into the hands of others and making your creative journey deeply fulfilling.
Thank you!
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