trust the whispers of your heart and the gentle voice of your truth.

Sacred Writing Rituals

Your sacred message aches to be heard. Writing Rituals pave the way for you to write with ease and confidence. You'll gain clarity and replace doubt with discernment, and judgment with wisdom. Learn to create ritual around writing and connect to your inner creative genius in this course, Sacred Writing Rituals, a six-week journey to set your inner writer free through rituals and story shifting skills. 
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What's included?

  • 6 Masterclasses
  • 6 Meditations
  • Mini Sacred Writing Sessions
  • Weekly Writing Prompts

Access the Field

You will be taken on a magickal journey into the consciousness of language. You'll connect more deeply through writing rituals that serve you and connect you to your soul clients. Each class includes a highly-acclaimed mini-Sacred Writing Session.

Write with Focused Flow

Gain clarity as you create with more ease, authenticity and confidence. Whether you want to heal the ache that lingers beneath the surface or rise up to boldly face the unknown, you'll learn to trust the whispers of your heart and the gentle voice of your truth.
Meet Your teacher

Pamela Lynch

I am the Creatrix of SourceCode Publishing and Sacred Writing Sessions. My role as a Spiritual Librarian is to document the shift in consciousness with a mission to create a loving and abundant future. 

I inspire writers, healers, coaches and channelers to bring new information from the quantum field into physical form. My gift is to hold open the doorway to the Portal of Language in Sacred Writing Sessions. People receive profound results as access to this Portal helps them unlock and access their stream of consciousness to express their wisdom through writing. 

After a 31 year career in book publishing, I spent a decade immersed in intuitive coaching, the healing arts and ancient wisdom. I founded SourceCode Publishing in 2018 and now publish transformational books. As a Self-Mastery Coach for Creatives, I guide people to the whispers of their Soul through writing and to share the messages that humanity aches to hear.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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