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Beyond the Shift Canada

Please note my website is in US dollars. This is calculated to be the equivalent to approximately C$2997 for four payments of $500 or save $1000 for one payment C$1997. Click the link to access both options. If eTransfer works, that is welcome. 
THIS IS YOUR PERSONAL INVITATION to be one of thirteen NUMEROLOGISTS to co-create a new resource for a fresh approach to the world of numerology.

We are looking for our Queen. Is this you?

It is our intention to bring experts together to intuit the energetic code for Higher Wisdom Numerology. Your wisdom and participation will help people to heal and reveal their potential, true essence and gifts.

Being a published and best-selling author will attract new Ideal Soul Clients and expand your reach and readership.

Your chapter will invite clarity, confidence and clients who recognize you as a leader in the field of numerology.

the shift in consciousness
propels humanity forward.

You are in good company with: Valerie Beyer, Adrienne Harris, Ann Marie McKenzie, Mocha Butkovich, Roberta Robbins, Jessica Cerato, Meaghan Alton, Farah Al-Elwani, Vanessa Cameron, Kasia Rachfall, Katrina Laflin, and Alexxa Goodenough.

The aim of  the "Beyond The Shift" series is to collaborate with leaders whose insights and tools help others to navigate their healing and well-being on their spiritual journey. I want you to be the reader's obvious choice.
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you want to know your investment and what's included.  I GET IT!

  • The investment for this project is $2997, (or pay only $1997 to save $1000 when you pay in full). This includes priceless benefits such as owning the copyright to your chapter material.

Beyond The Shift for Intuitive Numerology will highlight your personal story with numerology. You'll dive deep into your specific experience with one of your cards and intuitive interpretation of one of the thirteen series in the card deck. The choice selection for the series is based on first come, first served

The project is a seven-month journey from concept to celebration with a publication date of June 30, 2024 (an 8 Energy Day). There are fourteen one-hour group coaching, training, and mastermind sessions held twice a month. I will help you unlock your inner wisdom to share your message in a compelling story. 

You will be a co-author in a professionally edited and published book. You receive access to a book launch framework through the writing, editing marketing, and publishing process. You will also be given promotional material and interviewed by Pamela to share your experience with numerology and how you use it to help your clients.

The investment is $2997 and you have two options to chose at checkout:

1. Save the equivalent to $1000 when you select "Pay Once" at checkout.
2. Make four payments of $749.25/month. (US$550 for you, as a Canadian)

You may also pay via Interact eTransfer in Canada, which is preferred. 

PS: By comparison, other collaborative book projects are an investment of $5000. 
Don't miss this opportunity to become a published author and increase your visibility as an expert in your field while helping to shift the consciousness to love and abundance.
The above link will take you to the Canadian payment page. 

#1: Seven months of Sacred Writing Sessions: 12 per month to choose from. Recommend 1-2 each week. 


Two private one-hour-long meetings with Pamela for coaching, biography or copy review, feedback, energy blocks, etc. 

VALUE: $888

A collaborative Facebook group for connection, Q&A, guidance, cheat sheets throughout the writing, editing and publishing process.  


Two-Hour Online Author Retreat: We'll explore marketing strategies and processes to take our audience on the publishing journey with us.
VALUE: $997


The investment is $2997 and you have two options to chose at checkout:
1. Save the equivalent to $1000 when you select "Pay Once" at checkout.
2. Make four payments of $749.25/month. (US$550 for you, as a Canadian)

You may also pay via Interact eTransfer in Canada, which is preferred. 
Sharing your transformational story with numerology allows readers to see you as an expert. The mission for the "Beyond The Shift" series is to document the shift in consciousness. With your wisdom and participation, we get to guide people to realize their potential to love and understand themselves at a deeper, more profound level.

You have a crucial piece of the puzzle to help people unravel another layer on their healing journey and navigate this shift in reality.

Pamela lynch

My mission as a Spiritual Librarian is to document the shift in consciousness by helping Spiritual Entrepreneurs publish their book and propel humanity forward.

After a 31-year career in book publishing, I spent a decade immersed in intuitive coaching, the healing arts and ancient wisdom, including three levels of Numerology Certifications. I launched my own publishing company in 2018 and published four transformational books in my first year. The first publication in the Beyond The Shift series launched 12 new authors in 2023. And we're ready to do it again with volume two for Intuitive Numerology.

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