Hello, I'm Pamela.
I inspire creatives like you  
to write more and shine the light
on how you can make more moola.

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I've been around 

the publishing industry for 31 years,
and the transformational coaching
and Universal Laws playground
for nine years.

It's been, well, extraordinary. 

I've had my share of struggle, like many, although arriving into this space where we get to play in consciousness of language is remarkable. Becoming aligned with love came first. 

And, I suspect you are here to do something big, like help shift the collective consciousness to love. NO small thing.

Welcome, we are in this together.

You are an aspiring writer who wants to earn more moola doing what you love!

Well, I inspire writers to be who they are, do what they love, which is to write more and earn more money doing it.

It took me 60 years to land into my purpose although it's been percolating for nine years.

I knew I needed to do my work first. And, now I love to imagine a world where everyone is doing what they love. I decided I to walk my talk and do what I love, and publishing books wasn't it.

My Bodacious Big-Deal of a Dream

I dream of helping to raise the vibration of humanity to love, where we live harmoniously. I dream of a world where collectively we have expanded through unity consciousness and each person is doing what they love. Each person embraces their true value with wholeheartedness and embodies their code to love and wealth. They know it is through the inner power of love that catapults the dream to be manifested into physical form, wealth and well-being.

I'm fairly sure you landed here because you also have a Big Bodacious Dream!

I'd love, love, love to guide you to release whatever energy stops you from achieving the dreams you came here to fulfill.

And darn it, the overwhelm and stress that's getting in so many people's way are downright harmful to the nervous system and well-being.

I'm here to walk you right through the fears that paralyze you. That steals your dream and the dreams of the people you came here to serve through your communications. Working together you will learn to recognize the fear and walk straight through it. Yes, it takes courage but on the other side is love. I offer a safe place to leap into universal love.

I've navigated a lot in my 62 years, and I sure didn't do it alone. And now it is your turn. I invite you to walk with me on this next part of your journey.

I'd love to help you as a writer to:

  • dispel the myths around writing blocks
  • get clarity on your why
  • be confident in all areas of your life
  • take your power back and activate your highest vision for your life
  • realize your extraordinary value to the people you serve
  • have the freedom to work only on projects you love to create
  • and write with ease and flow.

I love inspiring aspiring professional writers to tap into their wisdom and receive wealth. I love working with writers, creatives and sacred creators to create an extraordinary life.

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And the official bio:

Pamela Lynch is a Self-Mastery Coach for Creatives who helps writers transform their inner impression to receive an outer expression with prominence. She brings writers into a higher understanding of their values to write with ease and earn more money.

After a 31 year career in book publishing, Pamela spent a decade immersed in intuitive coaching, emotional mastery, and Universal Laws. She is a Certified Universal Laws Coach, well versed in the six stages of transformation.  

As a certified facilitator for the BrainGAME™, Pamela helps creatives take their power back and create the life they love through the power of Mastering the BrainGAME™.   

Her love of numerology helps writers optimize their energy alignment to flow effortlessly.  When she reveals the rhythm of their Creative Life Cycle .They take more significant leaps and see massive results because they are honouring their own creative cycle. 

Pamela loves working with writers and witnessing their shift from aching to create and earn money to expressing their wisdom with confidence, ease and freedom.