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Pamela Lynch Teaches and Lives in Appreciation
The phrase ‘Personal Legend’ comes from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It is our purpose, our passion, and is as unique as our thumbprint. There is thing each of us is meant to do while we are here. We can do a thousand other things, although if we do not do this one thing then our life has missed its greatest song. Luckily, our soul continues to guide us to re-discover our purpose.

We are born to live our purpose and it becomes our personal legend.  Some people tune into their purpose early while some people realize it at a different point in their life. Others will live their life lost and aimless, not even knowing they are born with a purpose. My wish for you is that you are living your personal legend: your dream come true life with passion and pleasure!


Four years ago I stood in the office of an energy healer when my personal legend was revealed to me. My truth was locked so tightly in my heart that I didn’t even see it there, and when I did it rocked me to my core.I felt broken, sad, and unworthy. Feeling like I’d lost myself, my confidence and my ability to manage money. I was looking for guidance, for healing, anything.

The practitioner turned to face me after being with me for just one minute. With a gentleness in his voice, he said, “Pamela, the only thing I see is you have a broken heart.” 

A fear crept in. Suddenly I couldn’t feel my feet on the floor. When he asked, “Who broke your heart?” My mind went blank and then I immediately went to the easiest answer. “A boyfriend when I was 24…”

“No.” he said, “go deeper. Think about your father.”

A lifetime of pain and heart break welled up in me. I felt devastated by a sadness which seemed anciently familiar. I looked at him with tears flooding my eyes. Confused, I whispered, “Which father?” He shook his head and, with such companion, said, “Only you know the answer, my dear.”

I pulled myself together with tears silently spilling down my face. I sobbed all the way home.  My heart broke open that afternoon. I was reeling in despair knowing I’d pushed down my feelings and believed myself to be unworthy of love.

At the tender age of two I’d had two fathers leave me, one biological, the other my step father. Both left for reasons other than me one forever and the other for a year, although for that one year, I felt abandoned and unlovable. Without realizing it, it impacted my entire life and all my relationships.

Now there I was a 55 year old woman, realizing that I’d been living with a broken heart all these years. This awareness hit so hard because I’d believed something that wasn’t true. I believed the story that I was unworthy: of love, of wealth, of dreams unfulfilled.

It made me wonder, “How many others feel unworthy?” The evidence showed up and I saw this feeling of “not enough” was an epidemic in our society.  It also made me realize how many other women are just like me?

My journey to realize how to shift from feeling unworthy to wealthy took almost six decades.

 As I enter my 60th year of life, I am the poster child to tell you that it it NEVER too late, and I can also help you to:

Believe Anything Is Possible

Know it’s not too late for a transformation you deeply desire, to awaken to a life you’d love. If I can do it, so can you. It has never been too late. It is time to shift from wounded child to warrior and bring your piece of the puzzle, your gift to the world.
It is MY gift to see your potential, to help you go deep so you can dispel the feelings of unworthiness, and ignite true wealth in your life.    Because…You are worth it!

My Career Path:
I enjoyed 31 years in book publishing developing skills, talents, and experience from production to the boardroom.My career culminated as a Web Producer, and spent my last 13 years with Wiley Canada creating websites and managing web content.After a “right-sizing,” in 2011, I received my coaching certification through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and have coached individuals since 2012. As a Law of Attraction Coach, specializing in mindset and meditation, I use processes based in Abraham Hicks teachings as taught by Christy Whitman.  I help you to uncover the limitations of the words you think, speak and write. This helps you to realize your limiting beliefs and create a successful mindset to achieve your goals.

This marries well with my certification as a Dream Coach® with Marcia Wieder’s proven 10 Step Process through Dream University. You are guided with specific exercises in your Dream Coaching workbook to re-discover your purpose, align your dreams with your purpose, and create a project around your dream to take inspired action.

My Mission:
Understanding the energy and the impact of the words you speak, think, and write is key to realizing why we do what we do. My mission is to serve you to help raise your awareness and vibration to live a dream come true life and shift from feeling unworthy to wealthy.

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