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Pamela’s Most Requested Speeches

Pamela Lynch SpeakingShift Into Wealth: how to release feelings of unworthiness and step into your wealth

Pamela’s personal story of abandonment at the age of two left her feeling unworthy of love and wealth for over five decades. As she takes you on a journey, she inspires you to:

  • Create a new, empowering story by inviting the experience of your past into your present
  • Believe you are both worthy and wealthy, as she illustrates the impact your sub-consciousness has to make true everything you believe
  • Unblock your well-being and wealth to shift those sneaky, subtle patterns into a high vibration of abundance
  • Embrace change and realize it is never too late to create your legacy

Pamela guides those in the audience through strategies to shift from unworthy to wealthy. Miracles occur when people no longer feel unworthy of true wealth but are open to receive it!

Raise Your Vibration: the missing link to abundance

Pamela Lynch Thank You


Have you ever had someone show you a truth that was locked so tightly in your heart you didn’t even see it there, and when you did it rocked you to your core?

Pamela’s heart-breaking story reveals how a new awareness shifted her vibration from over-whelming debt to financial freedom. She spent over five decades unknowingly nurturing a rescue role and one decision released her to step fully into abundance. During her speech, you become intimately aware of:

  • Your money vibe and how the energy you give to your money determines its flow
  • The money influencers that have you focused on lack but can propel you into wealth
  • Strategies to shift your vibration from debt to financial well-being

You will leave with practical strategies and a clear understanding of how to raise your vibration and its link to your abundance.

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