Soul Connection

Ignite Your Wealth Soul Connection

SOCIETY beckoned us to be ordinary, and so we did…

we lost ourselves, and our connection to Spirit while 
seeking the love and approval of the adults who raised us.

In the process, we became less than the masterful human beings we came forth to become here on earth. And, I say “we” because we are all in this together. This situation we’ve found ourselves in is troubling. How many women do you know who are stressed, stretched for time, overwhelmed and covering up their pain in silence?

It is rare to hear about a person who grew up in a healthy home with conscious, loving adults to guide them.

What we wanted more than anything was to be:
to FIT in
to be LOVED.
for your business
for your family
for your self?

Do you wake up tired, anxious and overwhelmed before your feet hit the floor?
Do you greet your day saying, “I didn’t get enough sleep.”
This sense of “not enough” is an epidemic in our society, and I am here to help you shift it
if you hear the call to CREATE a LIFE YOU LOVE?

Somehow in our CRAZY, MESSED UP human-ness we lost our BEING-NESS.

The extraordinary YOU who you want to re-connect with.
Who is CONFIDENT, WHOLEHEARTED and filled with a ZEST for LIFE.
A woman who is fulfilled and tuned in to your purpose and your passion.

The extraordinary you has adventures waiting with like-hearted people.

One thing I do know, as a human being CONNECTION is crucial to our WELL-BEING.

Is it time for you to re-connect with your self?
I began by listening to my thoughts. We have 60,000 thoughts a day, with the capacity to have one thought and one feeling at a time. My thoughts were like a train on a loop with the same thoughts re-hashing conversations, going over what I “shoulda” said if I could do that moment over again. Or what I would say if I had the chance to be with that man again. It was clearly time to get off my fast train to nowhere. That first step was awareness.
If you are like me, it takes intention, practice and working with a coach/healer/guide to learn to connect:
to Your Soul
Your Higher Self
Your Divine Self.
And with OTHER extraordinary human beings.

My question to you is:
Does your self-talk inspire you or send you into despair?

Let me help you resolve the dis-connect you feel and get you where your joy is:
on the other side of ordinary, and
To YOUR Soul. To YOUR brilliance.

 My gift is to recognize the BRILLIANCE within you as the EXTRAORDINARY woman you are!


Doing Sacred Soul Sister work together, I am delighted to be here for you.
Pamela xo