Lovely Praise

Lisa FraleyPamela spoke from her heart and shared how important it is to remember that we are all worthy of wealth and abundance. Pamela shows up fully and vulnerably to reveal to us that we all can tap into our energy and thoughts to change our lives. ~ Lisa Fraley, Legal Coach & Attorney, Maine

Linda StuartPamela has inspired me to dig deep and look more closely at the limits I may be imposing on myself – limits that could get in the way to achieve my full wealth potential. She brings warmth and compassion to the stage as she shares her powerful message of hope and awareness. ~ Linda Stuart, Toronto, Canada

Sarah ShakespearePamela Lynch made us think about living a purposeful life. We matter and should act that way. ~ Sarah Shakespeare, BC



Lisa Alentjano GaetzPamela delivered a message we all need reminding about.  That we are worthy, and worthy of abundance. She shares a special message and relates it to her own life and how she learned and grew from that. We can all relate to her life experience and her gently nudges of we are enough. ~ Lisa Alentejano Gaetz, BC

Pamela Lynch inspired and motivated everyone to embrace their worthiness and claim their abundance, and she did it with a beautiful blend of heart and soul. Her message is empowering and transforming. ~ Julie Henderson, BC


Brenda TsiaonsisPamela has a soft, gentle approach which kept me listening intently to her talk. I love her belief in what she offers the world. ~ Brenda Tsiaonsis, Australia


Jamie Traeger-MuneyPamela’s heart centred speech was an invitation for me to step more fully into my energy self. Thank you. ~ Jamie Traeger-Muney, Isreal



Marjorie MillerPamela’s passion in helping others together with her message moves you to see life with a different set of eyes and start living from within. She is a soulful presenter! ~ Marjorie Miller, Seattle


Jo Ann Kobuke Midlife RewrittenPam is a soulful speaker, whose insights into energy fields and the life experiences that are stored there are fascinating. ~ Jo Ann Kobuke, Seattle


Amy LanteignePamela preaches that we are all worth it and her speech delivers truth with love. ~ Amy Lanteigne, BC

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