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Raise Your Vibration and Ignite True Wealth In Your Life

Many people seek a fulfilled and abundant life yet so few feel worthy enough to explore the opportunity to achieve wealth.

I’m Pamela Lynch, a Wealth Igniter, a Spiritual Life Coach, and Soulful Speaker and Author
. I coach individuals just like you to get to the root that is masking your abundance. I see the potential you have to generate wealth, and help you create a dream come true life.



My heart-felt message from the stage reveals every one is born Worthy and Wealthy!

It is YOUR time to:
Raise Your Vibration: the missing link to abundance

Shift Into Wealth and learn how to release feelings of unworthiness to step into your wealth


Step Fully Into Your Abundance

I dig in to teach core principles that provide the shift for you to uplevel your beliefs from lack into an abundant mindset. Are you ready to get to a place where you feel worthy and are open to receive true wealth?  Do you believe anything is possible?  It’s a radical practice to embody what you want, or who you want to become, before it shows up in your life. For me it began when I knew that Everything Is ENERGY, including money.  Your money vibe truly does attract your tribe and every thing you desire.

Work with Pamela Lynch


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