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Practice the Right Action

7 Steps to Raise Your Abundance

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  1. Awareness
    With any new Tune in to yourself throughout the day and ask yourself questions.
    When you feel emotional or a dip in energy, notice what you just thought and how it made you feel.
    Ask “How am I feeling? What was I thinking about?”
    The thought ignites the emotion.
    Another great question is “What must I believe about myself to think / feel this?”
  2.  “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” ― Bill GatesDesire
    What do you most desire today? This year? Ten years from now?
    As Bill Gates said, “Most people over-estimate what they will do in one year yet under-estimate what they will do in ten years.” Why do you want to do it? I take clients through a 7 level Why sequence. Keep digging until you know WHY you truly want it.
    Set your intention using an I AM statement.Two of my examples:
    I choose who I AM today, and I choose to feel worthy.
    I AM an amazing coach who helps people breakthrough from feeling unworthy to feeling wealthy.
  3. Action
    What inspired action do you need to take to BE who you want to become?
    We’ve reversed the order to manifest our desires. Who must we BE to DO what we want to HAVE?
    Setting goals the SMART way is not effective. In the book, “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” Vishen Lakhiani teaches the importance of identifying “End” Goals rather than “Means” Goals.  So often, our goals are simply a means to an end not the ultimate end result you want to achieve.
    What qualities do you need to be who you want to become? What action do you need to take? In the end, what do you want to achieve.
  4. ForgivenessForgiveness
    This is a huge part in the healing journey. When we blame, criticize, hate, or feel resentment towards our self or another person we reflect this out to the world.
  5. Vibration
    The vibration we put out is exactly what we attract back to us.
    What do you WANT to attract to you? Many people are focused on what they don’t want not realizing they only invite more of that into their life.  Be clear about your intention!
  6. Reflection
    A valuable tool to use throughout the process to raise your abundance is to journal.
    At night while we sleep we are purely in our spiritual world. What I like to do as I wake up is to remain in that energy for as long as possible. I begin my gratitude mantra. I am grateful for a restful night sleep…a comfortable bed and pillow, for my dreams, that I’ve woken up to a brand new day.  Once I am fully awake, I set my intention for the day and jot it into my Intention Journal.

    At the end of the day you can reflect on how your day went, what action you took, and any thoughts or ideas you want to record.

  7. Practice. Practice. Practice. Then Repeat.
    The only way to get good at anything is practice.
    Practice being present.
    Practice visualizing your desire.
    Practice taking inspired action.
    Practice forgiveness.
    Practice intentionally raising your vibration.
    Practice daily reflection.