VIP 1:1 Day

A VIP Day is a powerful transformational solution.

Spend a day focused on you!  We will identify the ONE THING that has been getting in your way and will move you forward the fastest and with ease to create a miraculous dream come true life.


Your DESIRES are as UNIQUE AS YOU. We start from where you are at, and YOU set an intention at the beginning of the VIP Day that is ALIGNED with your SOUL.
You will become crystal clear about what YOU want to experience and who you want to become.  You will leave with a method to:
and the
  • Uncover the beliefs that have been blocking you.
  • Inspired Action Steps to move forward
  • A concrete idea about the contribution you want to make,
    whether to your family, your community, or the world.

What you can expect besides the about outcomes:

  • We will meet online via Zoom
  • Our schedule will consist of:
    3 hours in the morning,
    an hour lunch,
    3 hours in the afternoon.
    two 5 minute breaks as needed
  • BONUS one hour follow up at the 4 week mark.

Total Investment: $997.00 CDN


WANT A FREE CONSULTATION before we get started? My pleasure. Please contact me to set up a 30 minute session. Should we choose to move forward together then you receive an agreement so you know what to expect from me and our time together. You’ll also be asked to complete a questionnaire in order for me to begin to know you and the experiences and expectations you desire from our work together.

I am confident that in taking inspired action you will receive the results you desire. If you feel our value exchange did not give you the transformation you sought, then I shall happily refund you 100% of your payment…with love. Pamela