Plan and Achieve – Attract Abundance through Accountability

Attract Your Abundance Through AccountabilityDay 1 – Purposeful Awareness

* a Habit versus a Transformation
* 11 key areas to a masterful life.
* Choose one area you wish to impact and focus on this week
* 4 ways to cultivate awareness as we enter The Intuition Age


Day 2 – From Procrastination to Focus
* 3 Self-Sabotage Patterns
* Self-Sabotage: Procrastination is King
* Procrastination: The Dream Killer
* 3 keys to stop procrastinating and get stuff done
* Get Re-focussed through Questions

Day 3 – Mindset: Be Accountable to Achieve

* Conscious and Sub-Conscious
* Limiting Beliefs
* Words to Watch
* Be. Do. Have.
* Life Wheel Transformation Process
* What traits do you need to achieve what you REALLY want
* Create an Aura of Abundance

During each LIVE call:
* you’ll learn a process to focus on your abundance
* laser coaching for people on each of the live calls.