1:1 Dream Coaching

Dream CoachPersonal Freedom Is a Journey. It is a choice and it is a process.
You take one step and then you take another. One step is to re-connect to your passion.When your passion is aligned with your dream miracles happen. You are guided through our proven ten step process to take inspired action to realize your dreams.What would it mean to you to achieve just one of your dreams? To dream again? Imagine the joy you’d feel. As you fulfill one dream, you realize you now have the tools, processes, and resources to easily fulfill others.CREATE MORE DREAMS TO LIVE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE LIFE!

I Am Dedicated To Help You Make Your Dreams Come True!

Purpose + Dreams + Inspired Action = Freedom

Your purpose is your essence, your soul calling. It is about why you do what you do. Your dreams are about what you do for yourself and others to be fully alive.

My Purpose: Embody love and experience life to the fullest.

My Dream for YOU: To have the tools, resources and opportunity to live your purpose with passion and experience the pleasure of being fully alive.


How do you make your dreams come true and become fully alive?
Dream Coaching® is a proven 10 part strategy program to help you re-discover your purpose and to create dreams that are in alignment with your purpose. You will create daily practices and inspired action steps to move forward on your dreams. This is a powerful winning combination to create your dream come true life.I was personally coached by Marcia Wieder ~ The Founder and CEO of Dream University

The Significance of the Dream Coach® Logo
The small triangle represents what we are all born with – our essence, perfect and whole, knowing
our purpose. It is the light inside each of us, our spirit, full of limitless potential.

The inverted triangle represents how most of us live our lives – upside down. Many of us have busy schedules with lots of goals, and when most go unfulfilled we simply aren’t satified or happy. One of the reasons is that we aren’t living the full expression of who we are. In other words, we are not living on purpose.

The large triangle is what a Dream Coach® does – we hold the structure for the Dream Coach® process while at the same time model, to our clients, what it looks like to Live as a Dreamer. We ignite the spark inside our clients and create the flame of passion. Then we take the inverted triangle and put it the right way up, making our clients’ lives work for them.
By helping our clients’ to align their passion, purpose and dreams, it is possible and easy for them to have a dream come true life.
Colour meanings in the logo:
Purple = spiritual, awareness
Teal = heart and communication

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