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You are not alone on this path of struggle, overwhelm and feeling financially frustrated. I’ve been where you are, and can help you shift from struggle to ease. From overwhelm, stressed out and lack to abundance. Take your first step into your power, courageously and confidently.


Raise your vibration and shift Into wealth. Discover the missing link to abundance and well-being.

Journey into Joy

Pamela’s Heartfelt story is coming soon in the collorative book titled, Warrior Women With Angel Wings. Collaborations to inspire you and guide you.

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Practice the Right Action

7 Steps to Raise Your Abundance

Awareness With any new Tune in to yourself throughout the day and ask yourself questions. When you feel emotional or a dip in energy, notice what you just thought and how it made you feel. Ask “How am I feeling? What was I thinking about?” The thought ignites the emotion. Another great question is “What

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Becoming a Speaker

Everyone has a story to tell. When I started to write about mine, I knew I needed to share it once I realized the vast number of people who felt not enough. Not lovable enough. Not smart enough. Not worthy enough. Not good enough to fulfill the dreams that called to them. Luckily U was

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Many people seek a fulfilled and abundant life yet so few feel worthy enough to explore the opportunity to achieve wealth. I’m Pamela Lynch, a wealth igniter, and I coach individuals to get to the root that is masking their abundance. I see the potential they have to generate wealth, and help them create a

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